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Capsule production

One of our absolute core competencies

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The majority of our own and private-label products come in the form of capsules. Over the years we have amassed a great deal of research and experience as to how to optimally produce capsules containing high-quality ingredients without using anti-caking agents or unnecessary additives. Today we can offer nearly all capsule products completely free of these materials, including magnesium stearate.
With us, you are getting what nature intended, so you can pass the highest-quality products on to your customers. We can handle fully automated large-scale production orders exceeding 10 million capsules, or smaller orders of 50,000. Even smaller production runs are also possible, though these are generally not economically feasible. But there are always exceptions to the rule. So contact us if you’d like to arrange capsule production in whatever form you may need, and you’ll receive the best support from us right from the start – from formulation, to materials purchasing, all the way to packaging and shipping. As always with Nature Vital, we’re your one-stop shop!

Different types of capsules:
Once you decide on a capsule as your dosing form, you’ll have a choice of three different capsule types: the conventional hard capsule (primarily made of bovine gelatin), the vegan cellulose capsule, or the soft gelatin capsule for liquids

Below is a description of the different capsule types:

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  • Hard gelatin capsules: capsules from Nature Vital are normally filled in sizes 0, 00, and 000. Do you have other formats? We’ll gladly supply these upon request. Our products are primarily supplied in clear or white capsules, but we can accommodate requests for different colors.
  • Cellulose capsules: If it’s important to you that your products contain no products of animal origin, we can offer vegan capsules made from cellulose in sizes 0, 00, and 000.
  • Soft gelatin capsules: Do your products contain liquid ingredients? These ingredients are best filled in soft gelatin capsules of various sizes, so that the liquids stay where they belong: in the capsules and then in the body.
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