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Liquid filling

For liquids, you need an absolute professional.

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There is a common belief that filling liquid materials is quite simple. But that’s really far from the truth – it’s actually the most difficult aspect of producing nutritional supplements. And so you should be particularly careful who you work with.

It is very important to choose the proper formulations in order to ensure good shelf life without adding needless preservatives. In addition, the mixture should be easy to fill properly. So we must deal with one challenge after another.

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If you have a precise idea of your goal, but the way to get there isn’t exactly clear, it’s as simple as contacting us. As always, we’ll be your one-stop resource, so you can concentrate exclusively on marketing and selling your products.

We offer the following options for liquid filling:

  • Suspensions: These enable liquid preparation of insoluble substances. These insoluble active ingredients are floated in a suspension so they can be taken in liquid form.
  • Emulsions: These are ingredients which are soluble in an aqueous environment but have an oily consistency which do not allow them to be consumed. The substance is diluted through emulsion so it can be consumed.
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    Dropper bottles: Taking a liquid in small drops makes it easier to get a precise dosage. Pipettes and special closures enable drops to be dispensed.

  • Syrup: As an alternative to this dosing method, syrup can be used which can be taken with measuring spoons. A slight disadvantage of this form is that it can only be used for natural remedies for which the dispensed amount does not have to be exact. If this is permissible, syrup are a very cost-effective dosage form.

As always, we make the seemingly impossible POSSIBLE and can almost always find a way to bring your vision to reality. Simply call us and we’ll discuss it.

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