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Individualized powder filling in your packaging of choice

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Are you seeking to produce a customized powder mixture? Do you already have specific ideas in mind, or even a plan to get started?

Simply come to us with your ideas, and you’ll receive all the support you need to make your visions a reality.
Our laboratory team, led by an experienced pharmacist, will gladly answer all your questions regarding composition and feasibility. The team will develop your concrete plans with practicability in mind and then present their results to you. We can then fill the finished powder mixtures for you in aluminum or paper bags; membrane boxes; silver, gold, or plastic containers; etc. There are really no limits for your creativity here. We will collaborate with the leading German packaging companies, and we can offer you not only numerous ideas but also fair prices.

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Remember that the minimum order quantity for individual powder production is 500 units. Of course, we can produce prototypes or small production runs, though these are more expensive and thus should primarily serve as a test for future marketing.

In addition to our own laboratory tests, we can provide certificates from independent laboratories at your request. And we can of course have a certificate of marketability produced for you. Working closely with a specialized food consultant, we can normally also classify the products in tariff groups which represent a VAT of 7%, thus securing you 12% more profit at the point of sale.

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