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Are you seeking high-quality raw materials for your products? Do you want to be sure you’re getting tested, high-quality raw materials that are free of defects? The have a look at our selection.

You can get almost all the listed raw materials directly from the warehouse within 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind that minimum quantities of 25 kg are required. If you don’t see a raw material that you need, just contact us. We can certainly help you by sourcing your raw material from one of our partners.

You’ll always get the best price for the best quality. With us you’ll never merely get the cheapest raw materials, but you can be assured you’ll get the best price-performance ratio. Just try us – we’ll gladly provide you a quote any time, quickly and with no obligation.

Here is a selection from our current inventory (updated June 2019):

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Alle Rohstoffe Artkel-Nr.
Acerola Powder 17% NV-RS-0091
Acerola Powder 25% Vit C NV-RS-0025
Acesulfame K NV-RS-0154
Acetyl-Dl-Methionine NV-RS-0024
Acetylglucosamine NV-RS-0075
Acetyl-L-Carnitine NV-RS-0001
Acetyl-L-Cysteine (N-) Vegan NV-RS-0026
Acetyl-L-Tyrosine NV-RS-0027
Alanine (L-) NV-RS-0028
Almond oil sweet NV-RS-0155
Ammonium glycyrrhizinate NV-RS-0156
Amyris Haiti NV-RS-0270
Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate NV-RS-0029
Arginine HCl (L-) NV-RS-0031
Arginine L-Aspartate NV-RS-0032
Arginine-Basis (L-) NV-RS-0002
Armoise oil NV-RS-0030
Artemisia NV-RS-0271
Artichoke extract 2,5% NV-RS-0094
Artichoke extract 5% NV-RS-0041
Asparagine (L-) NV-RS-0033
Aspartame (granulated) NV-RS-0044
Aspartame (powder) NV-RS-0157
Aspartic acid NV-RS-0034
B1 – Vitamin B1 HCl NV-RS-0216
B12 – Vitamin B12 NV-RS-0217
B2 – Vitamin B2 NV-RS-0218
B2-5 – Vitamin B2 5-Phosphate NV-RS-0219
B3 – Nicotinamide NV-RS-0215
B5 – Calcium Panthotenate (D-) NV-RS-0213
B6 – Vitamin B6 NV-RS-0220
B7 – Biotin (pure) NV-RS-0212
B9 – Folic acid NV-RS-0214
Bacopa Extract 25% NV-RS-0095
Balsam oil NV-RS-0272
Balsam Peru NV-RS-0089
Basil oil Vietnam NV-RS-0273
BCAA (granulated) NV-RS-0035
BCAA (instant powder) NV-RS-0036
Berberine HCl 92% NV-RS-0096
Berberine HCl 97% NV-RS-0101
Beta Alanine NV-RS-0037
Beta-Carotine (natural   synthetic) NV-RS-0097
Beta-Glucan 10% NV-RS-0098
Beta-Glucan 30% NV-RS-0106
Betaine HCl NV-RS-0158
Black pepper extract, 90% Piperine NV-RS-0130
Blueberry (Bilberry) extract 25% U.V. NV-RS-0099
Boswellia Serrata Extract 65% (granulated) NV-RS-0100
Bromelain 2.500 gdu NV-RS-0003
C – Vitamin C (powder) NV-RS-0221
C – Vitamin C (coated) EC NV-RS-0222
Cabreuva oil NV-RS-0274
Caffeine anhydrous NV-RS-0004
Calcium Alpha Keto Glutarate NV-RS-0228
Calcium Ascorbate NV-RS-0229
Calcium Borogluconate NV-RS-0230
Calcium carbonate DC-quality class NV-RS-0231
Calcium citrate NV-RS-0232
Calcium Gluconate (food / injectable) NV-RS-0233
Calcium Glycerophosphate NV-RS-0234
Calcium Pidolate NV-RS-0235
Calcium Pyruvate NV-RS-0160
Camphor Synthetic EP Indian NV-RS-0161
Capsicum Oleoresin 10% NV-RS-0141
Capsicum Oleoresin 6,5% NV-RS-0102
Carboxy-Methyl-L-Cysteine NV-RS-0038
Cardamom oil NV-RS-0275
Carnitine HCl (Dl-) NV-RS-0039
Carnitine HCl (L-) NV-RS-0040
Carnitine Propionyl NV-RS-0043
Carnitine-Base (L-) NV-RS-0005
Carnitine-Fumarate NV-RS-0042
Carnitine-Tartrate (L-) NV-RS-0006
Carnosine (L-) NV-RS-0045
Carvacrol NV-RS-0276
Cedar wood oil, Atlas NV-RS-0277
Cedar wood oil, Texas NV-RS-0159
Cedar wood oil, Virginia NV-RS-0174
Cetylpyridiniumchloride NV-RS-0162
Chitosan 100 Mesh NV-RS-0176
Chitosan 40 Mesh NV-RS-0076
Chitosan High-density NV-RS-0077
Chlorella (granulated) NV-RS-0183
Chlorella powder NV-RS-0078
Chlorphenesin NV-RS-0165
Choline Bitartrate NV-RS-0163
Chondroitin sulfate (granulated) NV-RS-0192
Chondroitin sulfate 90% Bovine NV-RS-0166
Chondroitin sulfate 90% Marine NV-RS-0079
Chondroitin sulfate 90% Swine NV-RS-0167
Chondroitin sulfate powder NV-RS-0007
Chromium chloride NV-RS-0236
Chromium Picolinate NV-RS-0237
Cider vinegar 20% NV-RS-0093
Cinnamaldehyde NV-RS-0278
Cinnamon leaf oil NV-RS-0279
Citric acid monohydrate / anhydrous NV-RS-0164
Citrulline (L-) NV-RS-0046
Citrulline (L-) DL-Malate 1:1 NV-RS-0047
Citrulline (L-) DL-Malate 2:1 NV-RS-0048
Citrus Aurantium 6% NV-RS-0103
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid) NV-RS-0104
Clove bud leaf NV-RS-0281
Clove bud stem oil NV-RS-0191
Coenzyme Q-10 NV-RS-0168
Coenzyme Q-10 EP NV-RS-0008
Coenzyme Q-10 EP Condensed 14 Mesh NV-RS-0009
Coenzyme Q-10 EP Condensed 15 Mesh NV-RS-0210
Coenzyme Q-10 EP Condensed 16 Mesh NV-RS-0317
Coenzyme Q-10 EP Condensed 17 Mesh NV-RS-0322
Coenzyme Q-10 EP Condensed 18 Mesh NV-RS-0323
Coffee green extract 45% solvent-free NV-RS-0105
Copper citrate 36% NV-RS-0238
Copper gluconate NV-RS-0239
Coriander leaf oill NV-RS-0324
Coriander seed NV-RS-0282
Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh NV-RS-0170
Creatine Monohydrate 80 Mesh NV-RS-0169
Creatine Nitrate NV-RS-0171
Creatin-Pyruvate NV-RS-0172
Cysteine HCl Anhydrous (L-) NV-RS-0049
Cysteine HCl Monohydrate (L-) NV-RS-0050
Cystine Base (L-) NV-RS-0051
Deanol Bitartrate NV-RS-0173
Diacetyl NV-RS-0283
Dill oil NV-RS-0284
Diosmin 90/10 NV-RS-0175
Diosmin EP NV-RS-0012
E – Vitamin E Acetate 50% Powder NV-RS-0224
E – Vitamin E Acetate 98% oil NV-RS-0225
E – Vitamin E natural (animal-feed grade) 544 IU/g NV-RS-0227
E – Vitamin E natural 500 / 700 IE/g NV-RS-0226
Ethyl Maltol NV-RS-0285
Eucalyptol NV-RS-0287
Eucalyptus oil NV-RS-0286
Eugenol   derivatives NV-RS-0288
Fructo Oligo Saccharides (FOS) NV-RS-0177
Furaneol NV-RS-0289
Gallic acid NV-RS-0179
Gamma-Oryzanol NV-RS-0109
Garcinia Cambogia 60% powder NV-RS-0111
Garcinia Kambodscha 50% (granulated) NV-RS-0110
Garlic oil NV-RS-0290
Geranium oil China NV-RS-0291
Geranium oil Egypt NV-RS-0325
Geranium oil Madagascar NV-RS-0326
Germanium Sesquioxides 99.5% NV-RS-0243
Ginger oil and Co2-Extract NV-RS-0292
Ginkgo Biloba Extract NV-RS-0112
Ginseng Extract NV-RS-0113
Glucosamine HCl 30 Mesh NV-RS-0080
Glucosamine HCl 80 Mesh NV-RS-0081
Glucosamine HCl high-density NV-RS-0082
Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl 30 Mesh NV-RS-0084
Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl 80 Mesh NV-RS-0085
Glucosamine sulfate 2KCl DC Class NV-RS-0083
Glucuronolactone (D-) NV-RS-0180
Glutamic acid (L-) NV-RS-0052
Glutamine (L-) NV-RS-0053
Glutathione (reduced) NV-RS-0181
Glycine (L-) food   BP98 NV-RS-0054
Glycyrrhetinic acid (18 Beta) NV-RS-0114
Grapeseed extract 95% PAC NV-RS-0115
Green Tea Extract 90% NV-RS-0148
Griffonia Simplicifolia 20% NV-RS-0116
Griffonia Simplicifolia 30% NV-RS-0327
Guaiacum Wood Oil NV-RS-0293
Guarana 12% NV-RS-0328
Guarana 22% NV-RS-0329
Guarana 8% NV-RS-0117
Guggul-Lipid 2.5% NV-RS-0118
Gymnema Sylvestre powder 25% NV-RS-0119
Gymnema Sylvestre powder 75% NV-RS-0330
Hesperidine NV-RS-0120
Histidine (L-) Base NV-RS-0055
Histidine (L-) HCl NV-RS-0056
HMB-Ca NV-RS-0182
Hoodia Gordoni 20:1 with CITES Cert NV-RS-0121
Hyaluronic acid sodium salt NV-RS-0013
Hydroxyproline (L-) NV-RS-0057
Inositol Chinese NV-RS-0331
Inositol Japanese NV-RS-0184
Inositol NF NV-RS-0014
Iron Ammonium Citrate NV-RS-0240
Iron citrate 17% NV-RS-0244
Iron Gluconate NV-RS-0241
Iron Pyrophosphate NV-RS-0242
Isoleucine (L-) powder NV-RS-0058
Juniper Berry Oil NV-RS-0294
K – Vitamin K2 NV-RS-0223
Kojic acid NV-RS-0185
Konjac powder NV-RS-0122
Kudzu Extract 40% NV-RS-0123
Kurkuma-Longa Extract 95% powder NV-RS-0010
Kurkuma-Longa- Extract BCM 95% DC NV-RS-0107
L-5 Hydroxy Tryptophan NV-RS-0090
Lactalbumin NV-RS-0186
Lavandin oil NV-RS-0295
Lavender NV-RS-0332
Lemon Bioflavonoids 35% NV-RS-0124
Lemon grass oil NV-RS-0280
Lemon oil, Argentina NV-RS-0296
Lemon oil, Ivory Coast NV-RS-0333
Leucine (L-) powder extraction NV-RS-0059
Leucine (L-) powder fermentation NV-RS-0060
Linalol (natural) NV-RS-0297
Lipoic acid, Alpha (granulated) NV-RS-0187
Lipoic acid, Alpha (powder) NV-RS-0188
Lithium Gluconate NV-RS-0245
Litsea Cubeba oil NV-RS-0298
Lutein pearls 5-25% NV-RS-0125
Lycium Barbarum extract 50% NV-RS-0126
Lycopine Oleoresin NV-RS-0127
Lycopine powder NV-RS-0334
Lysine (L-) medicinal class NV-RS-0061
Magnesium carbonate heavy class NV-RS-0246
Magnesium carbonate light class NV-RS-0335
Magnesium citrate anhydrous NV-RS-0248
Magnesium Citrate-Hydrate NV-RS-0247
Magnesium Gluconate NV-RS-0249
Magnesium Glycerophosphate NV-RS-0250
Magnesium Glycinate NV-RS-0251
Magnesium Hypophosphite NV-RS-0252
Magnesium Lactate NV-RS-0253
Magnesium Oxides NV-RS-0254
Magnesiume Pidolate NV-RS-0255
Magnesium-Stearate (vegetable) NV-RS-0256
Maitake Extract NV-RS-0336
Maitake powder NV-RS-0128
Maltol NV-RS-0299
Manganese Gluconate NV-RS-0257
Mannose D- NV-RS-0189
MCC 101 NV-RS-0190
MCC 102 NV-RS-0337
Melatonin NV-RS-0015
Menthol Indian NV-RS-0300
Menthol polar bear NV-RS-0338
Methionine (DL-) NV-RS-0062
Methionine (L-) NV-RS-0063
Methylsalicylate NV-RS-0301
MSM NV-RS-0016
Mussel mussel powder – green NV-RS-0086
Naringin NV-RS-0194
Nattokinase NV-RS-0193
Neroli oil NV-RS-0302
NHDC (Neo-Hesperidine) NV-RS-0195
Niaouli oil NV-RS-0303
Nicotine USP NV-RS-0196
Nutmeg oil Indonesian NV-RS-0304
Oat Beta-Glucan NV-RS-0129
Orange oil Brazil NV-RS-0305
Orange oil Greece NV-RS-0339
Ornithine (L-) NV-RS-0064
Ornithine AKG NV-RS-0065
Oyster powder NV-RS-0087
Panthenol NV-RS-0198
Patchouli oil, Indonesia NV-RS-0306
Pepper oil, Madagaskar NV-RS-0308
Peppermint oil, China NV-RS-0340
Peppermint oil, USA NV-RS-0309
Petitgrain oil, Paraguay NV-RS-0307
Phaseolamine 8.000 u/gr NV-RS-0131
Phenylalanine (L-) NV-RS-0066
Pine bark extract NV-RS-0132
Pine needle oil Siberia NV-RS-0311
Piperonal NV-RS-0312
Polycosanol 60%, from sugarcane wax NV-RS-0133
Potassium citrate NV-RS-0258
Potassium gluconate NV-RS-0259
Potassium sorbate NV-RS-0199
PPABA (p-amino Benzoic acid) NV-RS-0197
Proline (L-) NV-RS-0067
Promethazine NV-RS-0200
Pu-Erh Tea 10:1 NV-RS-0134
PVP/K30 NV-RS-0201
Quail egg powder, freeze-dried NV-RS-0135
Quercetin from Dimorphandra NV-RS-0137
Quercetin from Sophorae NV-RS-0136
Quinine HCl NV-RS-0202
Raspberry Ketone NV-RS-0313
Ravensara oil, Madagsacar NV-RS-0314
Red rice yeast 0.4% NV-RS-0138
Reishi Extract NV-RS-0341
Reishi Powder NV-RS-0139
Resveratrol 25% NV-RS-0140
Resveratrol 98% NV-RS-0017
Rhodiola Rosea 3% NV-RS-0142
Ribose D- NV-RS-0203
Rosa Pepper CO2 Extract NV-RS-0310
Rose oil NV-RS-0315
Rutin NV-RS-0143
Saccharic acid NV-RS-0204
Salvia Oficinalis oil NV-RS-0342
Salvia Sclarea NV-RS-0316
Selenium yeast NV-RS-0260
Selenomethionine 0.5% NV-RS-0265
Serine (L-) NV-RS-0068
Shark cartilage NV-RS-0088
Silymarin 80% NV-RS-0144
Sodium Ascorbate NV-RS-0261
Sodium benzoate (granulated) NV-RS-0262
Sodium benzoate powder NV-RS-0343
Sodium citrate NV-RS-0263
Sodium cyclamate EP NV-RS-0205
Sodium Glycerophosphate NV-RS-0264
Sodium Saccharin 40-80 Mesh NV-RS-0206
Sodium Saccharin 80/150 Mesh NV-RS-0344
Sodium-Salicylate NV-RS-0207
Soy Isoflavones 10 – 40%, Chinese NV-RS-0345
Soy Isoflavones 10 – 40%, European NV-RS-0145
Spirulina NV-RS-0018
St. John’s Wort extract, 0,3% UV NV-RS-0146
Stevia Extract 97% Reb A NV-RS-0147
Stevia Extract 98% Reb A NV-RS-0346
Succinic acid NV-RS-0208
Sucralose NV-RS-0209
Sweet potato Extract 16%. NV-RS-0153
Taurine NV-RS-0069
Tea Tree Oil NV-RS-0019
Theanine (L-) NV-RS-0020
Theophylline NV-RS-0211
Threonine NV-RS-0070
Thymol NV-RS-0318
Thymol EP NV-RS-0021
Tribulus Terrestris Extract 40% NV-RS-0149
Tribulus Terrestris Extract 90% NV-RS-0150
Troxerutin NV-RS-0151
Tryptophan (L-) NV-RS-0022
Tryptophan (L-) (granulated) NV-RS-0023
Tryptophan (L-) EP NV-RS-0071
Tryptophan (L-) USP NV-RS-0072
Tyrosine (L-), Chinese NV-RS-0073
Valine (L-) powder NV-RS-0074
Vanillin, China NV-RS-0319
Vetiver oil, Haïti NV-RS-0320
Vetiver oil, Indonesia NV-RS-0347
White Kidney Bean extract 8.000 u/gr NV-RS-0152
Ylang Ylang oil, Comoros NV-RS-0321
Ylang Ylang oil, Madagascar NV-RS-0348
Zinc Citrate Dihydrate USP NV-RS-0266
Zinc Gluconate NV-RS-0267
Zinc Monomethionine NV-RS-0268
Zinc Picolinate NV-RS-0269
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