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Startup services

Startup Services

We’re always here for you!


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When starting a new business, it’s very important to find the right partner. We have amassed many – and unfortunately sometimes negative – experiences. And we want to spare you from that! So we’ve published our network of service providers in all the areas that will be important to you.
If you notice any points of contact missing here, simply give us a call, and we can surely get the names for you.
As for the partners listed, we can confidently say: you can rely on them, as we’ve had great experiences with them ourselves. Many have become our friends, or as we say, they belong to our “family”. (We do not receive any commissions or kickbacks.)

Graphics / Services

We have at our disposal first-rate graphic designers who work successfully within our network and who have helped numerous clients on their way to success.
We don’t collect any commissions for providing you top professionals. We are glad to help in any way we can.
Simply send us a message.


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If you’re seeking affordable but qualified graphic artists, it makes perfect sense to look at the freelancer platform, as we’ve had good experiences here. Please note that you’ll need sufficient knowledge of English, as the platform is primarily in English.

Printing recommendation

The graphic artists will help you design a general corporate identity. Apart from that, they can produce letterhead, business cards, stamps, brochures, flyers, etc. You can order your printing at – an fast, excellent service providing high-quality printing.


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Play it safe when establishing your legal texts and become a member of Händlerbund.
This is worth every Euro you invest, and the basic membership is definitely sufficient to start.
We recommend the shop in-depth assessment, which provides an in-depth legal check of your shop and its products right at the beginning, as well as suggestions for improvement so you can be legally in the clear.
You can find all the information you need at

Label printing


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The graphic designer can create a “master label” which you can then adapt to each of your products. But if you prefer, we can handle label printing for you. Simply send us your design; we’ll check it to be sure it is practical and printable, and then make you an offer.

Creating product photos

If your labels are in digital form, we can create 3D product labels for you. These pictures are high-resolution but not overly expensive. For as little as 20 EUR you’ll receive great product photos without the typical logistical hassles normally necessary for this process.
You’ll be excited when your first product photo is finished and can be added to your shop!

Marketability certifications

You should obtain a marketability certification right at the outset for your own safety.
We are happy to support you and give you various contacts!

Organic certification

If you want to sell organic products, you’ll need to register with an organic certifier and arrange an initial assessment.
We recommend ( – they are very capable, they will explain the individual steps and then issue the certification (valid for one year).
The cost for this – which is based on the amount of work required – is in the range of 300-500 EUR per year.

Product development


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By collaborating with experienced pharmacists we can develop all imaginable products for you, often making the impossible truly possible.
But in any case, we ALWAYS comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
And of course we’ll take care of purchasing raw materials and producing prototypes.

Product manufacturing

Our core competency and passion is producing your products.
Whether you desire private label, white label, bulk goods, or individual production, we’d love to get together and discuss the details.
With us you can rest assured that we won’t talk you into anything just to make a quick sale. We’ll make careful plans and stand with you for the long haul. We want to be with you as your business grows, by providing optimum quality for a win-win situation.

Private Label

Do you want to begin cautiously and test the market first?
Then let’s talk about what we can do for you.
We’ll supply your private label products – products from our standard selection with your own label attached – with as little as 100 units at many products.
Delivery time is usually within five business days.

Above all, you can be assured that when your sales are brisk, you’ll always have inventory available.
You’ll never be out of inventory because of long production times.